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PM Kisan e KYC 2023 – PM KISAN, an exhilarating central government initiative in India, aims to support farmers by offering them much-needed financial assistance. Under this remarkable scheme, all land-owning farmer families that meet specific criteria will receive an annual income assistance of Rs. 6,000. Excitingly, this amount will be distributed in three equal installments of Rs. 2000 every four months.

To streamline the process and ensure efficient fund allocation, PM KISAN has introduced an innovative digital system known as e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer). This cutting-edge technology allows farmers to easily authenticate their identities and provide necessary documents without the hassle of physical paperwork.

With the implementation of the digitally-driven e-KYC system, the excitement is palpable amongst farmers across the country. It eliminates multiple cumbersome bureaucratic processes, saving valuable time and effort for farmers who are at the forefront of our agricultural sector.

By availing themselves of this revolutionary scheme, Indian farmers can focus on what they do best – cultivating crops and contributing to our nation’s food security. The financial assistance provided through PM KISAN will undoubtedly serve as a significant boost for countless farming families struggling with various challenges.

Thanks to PM KISAN and its inclusive e-KYC system, more farmers can now easily access the financial aid they deserve while bypassing unnecessary hurdles often encountered during traditional verification procedures.

This forward-thinking approach highlights the government’s commitment to empowering these crucial members of our society and gives us hope for a prosperous future where Indian agriculture thrives under supportive governance initiatives like PM KISAN.

PM Kisan e KYC – Overview

Title of ArticlePM Kisan e KYC Update Online
Name of SchemePM Kisan Scheme
Launched byMinistry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
UnderThe Central Government of India
Category of Articlee-KYC Update/ e-Aadhar KYC/ Application Form
Level of SchemeNational Level Scheme
Official Linkpmkisan.gov.in

PM Kisan e KYC – @pmkisan.gov.in 

The PM Kisan KYC Update Online 2023 is a program by the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare. Eligible farmers will receive financial help through direct bank transfers. The department has extended the deadline for the PM Kisan e KYC Form 2023 to allow more farmers to apply. Those who have submitted their application will be checked for eligibility. If they qualify, they will receive financial assistance. The previous deadline for the PM Kisan KYC Update Online 2023 was July 31, 2023. Interested individuals should check the registration process for this scheme.

PM Kisan e KYC – Dead Line or Last Date

Eligible applicants will become part of the scheme. The deadline for updating the PM Kisan e KYC Form has been extended to August 31st. Those who have not completed the KYC update can still do so. It is recommended to do it quickly before the deadline. The scheme aims to provide financial aid to registered farmers who need help with their crop production. The department will provide them with Rs 6000. The process will be done online. Visit the official link provided by the department and follow the instructions.

PM Kisan e KYC – How to Update Online 2023

PM Kisan – KYC Check

Step 1: First, applicants must access the Official Website of PM Kisan Scheme @pmkisan.gov.in.
Step 2: Once you reach the homepage of the portal, carefully review all the information provided.
Step 3: Next, select the PM Kisan e KYC option link.
Step 4: A new page will appear where you will be required to enter your Aadhar card details and complete verification using an OTP sent to your contact number.
Step 5: Follow the instructions provided on this page to successfully complete the process.

PM Kisan e KYC – Pros & Cons


  1. Improved efficiency: PM Kisan e-KYC allows for faster verification of farmers’ details, leading to quicker disbursal of financial assistance.
  2. Reduced paperwork: The digital process eliminates the need for physical documents and paperwork, making it more convenient for both farmers and government officials.
  3. Enhanced accuracy: The electronic verification ensures that the provided information is precise and up-to-date, reducing the chances of errors or discrepancies.
  4. Cost-effective: By eliminating the need for physical documentation, PM Kisan e-KYC helps in saving costs associated with printing and handling paper forms.
  5. Increased transparency: The digital platform promotes transparency by providing a clear record of all transactions and verifications.


  1. Technical challenges: Farmers may face difficulties in accessing or navigating the online portal due to limited internet connectivity or lack of familiarity with digital platforms.
  2. Exclusionary impact: Farmers who do not have access to smartphones or internet services may face challenges in completing the e-KYC process, potentially excluding them from availing benefits.
  3. Privacy concerns: There could be concerns regarding data privacy and security as personal information is being submitted electronically.
  4. Potential errors in data entry: Inaccurate data entry during the e-KYC process

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PM Kisan e KYC – FQAs

What is PM Kisan e KYC?

PM Kisan e KYC is an online platform introduced by the government to enable farmers to update and authenticate their personal and bank account details for hassle-free access to the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme.

How can I update my KYC details?

To update your KYC details, visit the official PM Kisan e KYC portal and enter your Aadhaar number and registered mobile number. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the portal to complete the process.

Is it mandatory for all farmers to complete the e-KYC process?

Yes, it is mandatory for all farmers benefiting from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme to complete the e KYC process in order to receive financial assistance directly into their bank accounts.

Can I update multiple bank account details through PM Kisan e KYC?

Yes, you can easily update multiple bank account details through the PM Kisan e KYC portal. This allows you to choose a preferred bank account for receiving financial assistance under the scheme.

What documents are required for completing the e KYC process?

The only document required for completing the e KYC process is your Aadhaar card. Ensure that your Aadhaar card is linked with your mobile number before initiating the registration process.

Is there any fee involved in updating my KYC details through PM Kisan e KYC?

No, updating your KYC details through PM Kisan e KYC is completely free of charge. The government has made this service available at zero cost to ensure easy accessibility for all farmers.

Can I track the status of my e KYC application?

Yes, you can easily track the status of your e KYC application on the PM Kisan e KYC website. Simply log in with your registered mobile number and Aadhaar number to check the progress of your application.


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