List of Countries Not Supporting Israel

Several countries, primarily in the Middle East, have refrained from supporting Israel, often due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This list includes Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, among others.

There’s no doubt that the question of whether to back or oppose Israel is a tricky and touchy one that can change over time. As of September 2021, the most recent time I checked, these countries did not have formal ties with Israel or were known to be against Israeli policies, especially when it came to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:-

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  1. Iran
  2. Syria
  3. Lebanon (Hezbollah, a Shiite militant group, has a strong presence and is openly hostile to Israel)
  4. Saudi Arabia (though there have been reports of behind-the-scenes cooperation in recent years)
  5. Yemen (Houthi rebels have been critical of Israel)
  6. Iraq
  7. Qatar
  8. Malaysia
  9. Indonesia
  10. Sudan (though they have normalized relations with Israel in recent years)
  11. Algeria
  12. Tunisia
  13. Pakistan
  14. North Korea
  15. Venezuela

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It’s important to remember that geopolitical ties change over time, and things may have changed since my last report. Also, each country’s position can be different. For example, some states publicly oppose Israel, but their people may have different views. For the most up-to-date information on Israel’s relationships with other countries, it’s best to look at the newest and most reliable sites.

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Countries Not Supporting Israel

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Middle Eastern countries are publicly backing Hamas, a militant Palestinian group. This way, support includes political backing and real help during a war or other conflict. Some countries and groups see Hamas as a resistance movement working for Palestinian rights, while others see it as a terrorist organization because it strikes Israeli targets with violence. Hamas was founded in the late 1980s.

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Most of the time, countries and groups that back Hamas do so because of how they feel about the strife between Israel and Palestine. They think that Hamas is a genuine group that can speak for Palestinians. This kind of help can come in the form of money, weapons, or diplomatic support on foreign platforms.

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It’s important to keep in mind that this support can be controversial. Some countries strongly oppose giving Hamas help, while others see it as part of their larger foreign policy goals. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is still a complicated and deeply rooted problem that has a lot of foreign interest and different points of view.

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Countries Not Supporting Israel 2023

Certainly, let’s continue discussing the countries supporting the Palestinian group Hamas and the significance of this support.

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  1. Iran’s Ongoing Support: Iran has been a consistent and significant supporter of Hamas. This support is deeply rooted in political and ideological alignment. The Iranian government, led by President Ebrahim Raisi, has provided both financial aid and military supplies to Hamas. This support is seen as part of Iran’s broader regional strategy and its opposition to Israel’s policies.
  2. Qatar’s Staunch Backing: Qatar is another key player in providing support to Hamas. The Qatari government has taken a vocal stance in holding Israel responsible for the escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They have actively extended financial assistance to Hamas, contributing to the group’s survival and activities.
  3. Regional Support from Various Nations: Several other countries in the Middle East have expressed solidarity with Hamas in its struggle against Israel. This regional support includes Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon. The extent and nature of this support can vary between these nations, but it generally emphasizes a common cause with the Palestinian territories.
  4. Lebanese Citizens’ Display of Solidarity: Beyond governmental support, Lebanese citizens, particularly in the capital city of Beirut, have openly expressed their solidarity with Hamas. This includes public demonstrations and displays of support for the group in its ongoing conflict against Israel.

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In summary, Hamas has managed to secure substantial regional support, both politically and financially, from countries such as Iran, Qatar, and several others in the Middle East. This support reflects the complexity of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the involvement of various nations in the region. The situation is further complicated by differing international perspectives, making it a deeply nuanced and sensitive issue on the global stage. It’s essential to recognize that the dynamics of this support can change over time, depending on political developments and shifts in the broader Middle East landscape.

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