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Maldives Election 2023 Result | Maldives Election Battlegrounds 2023 | Maldives Election Result 2023 | Maldives Election Result 2023

Maldives Election 2023 Result: Who wins Presidential Election? – Get ready for a political showdown like no other. The Maldives Election 2023 results are on the horizon, and they’re set to drop on the 30th of September. But why the suspense, you ask? Well, here’s the scoop – The election, which took place on the 9th of September, left us all hanging because none of the candidates managed to snag more than 50% of the votes. It’s a nail-biting, down-to-the-wire situation.

Let’s break it down – As the final vote count unfolded, the Maldives witnessed a nail-biting showdown with a total of 282,395 votes cast in this pivotal election. The results left the nation on the edge of their seats as the fate of the candidates hung in the balance.

Maldives Election 2023 Result – Battlegrounds

In a riveting twist, Mohamed Muizzu emerged as the leader of the pack, securing the coveted first position with an impressive 101,635 votes, which translated to a substantial 46.06% of the total vote share. It was a moment of triumph for Muizzu and his supporters.

Meanwhile, President “Ibu” Solih, despite his efforts and the largesse he extended to the people in the final months of his tenure, found himself trailing behind. He managed to garner 86,161 votes, which accounted for 39.05% of the total votes. The competition was fierce, and every vote counted.


Adding another layer of intrigue to the election, the third-place spot was claimed by Mohamed Nasheed’s proxy candidate, Ilyas Labeeb, who secured 15,839 votes, constituting 7.18% of the vote share. It was a testament to the diversity of choices in this crucial election.

It’s worth noting that the Maldives boasts a total of 282,395 eligible voters, spread across 188 islands within the country and even in five countries abroad. The geographical diversity of the electorate highlighted the significance and reach of this election.

As the nation eagerly awaits the next chapter in this political saga, one thing is clear: every vote and every island in the Maldives has played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of this island nation. The excitement continues, and the world watches closely as the Maldives’ democratic journey unfolds.

So, what’s next? Will there be a thrilling runoff election, or could there be a jaw-dropping twist in the tale? We’ve got a date with Destiny on the 30th of September, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Get ready for some political drama as we uncover the full story behind the Maldivian presidential election in 2023. It’s a rollercoaster ride of suspense, and we’re all in for the thrill.

Maldives Election 2023 Result

Certainly, here’s a table summarizing the candidates’ names and the percentage of votes they received:-

Candidate NamePercentage of Votes
Dr. Muizzu45.6%
President Solih39.71%
Ilyas Labeeb (The Democrats)6.97%
Umar Naseer (Independent)2.83%
Gasim Ibrahim (Jumhooree Party)2.57%
Faris Maumoon (Independent)1.36%
Mohamed Nazim (MNP)0.82%
Hassan Zameel (Independent)0.15%

This table provides a clear overview of the candidates and their respective vote percentages in The Maldives Election 2023.

The political race in the Maldives is heating up, and the interim results paint a vivid picture of the current standings. It’s a contest that has captured the nation’s attention, and here’s the scoop on where the candidates stand:-

Leading the charge is Dr. Muizzu, emerging as the front-runner with a commanding 45.6% of the votes. It’s a strong position that reflects the support and confidence of a significant portion of the electorate.

Hot on Dr. Muizzu’s heels is President Solih, with a commendable 39.71% of the votes. It’s a neck-and-neck race that keeps us all on the edge of our seats as we wait for the final results.

Ilyas Labeeb from “The Democrats” makes a notable mark with 6.97% of the votes, showcasing the party’s presence and influence in the political landscape.

Independent candidate Umar Naseer secured 2.83% of the votes, while the business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim, representing the Jumhooree Party, garnered 2.57%. These candidates added their unique flavors to the race.

Independent candidate Faris Maumoon received 1.36% of the votes, while the candidate of the Maldives National Party (MNP), Mohamed Nazim, earned 0.82% of the vote share.

Bringing up the rear is independent candidate Hassan Zameel, with just 0.15% of the votes.

The diversity of candidates and the distribution of votes highlight the democratic process at play in the Maldives. With such a dynamic and closely contested race, every vote counts, and the nation eagerly awaits the final outcome that will shape its future. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as the political drama unfolds.

Maldives Presidential Election 2023 – All Candidates 

Candidate NameParty
Dr. MuizzuProgressive Party of Maldives (PPM)
President SolihMaldivian Democratic Party (MDP)
Ilyas LabeebThe Democrats
Umar NaseerIndependent
Gasim IbrahimJumhooree Party
Faris MaumoonIndependent
Mohamed NazimMaldives National Party (MNP)
Hassan ZameelIndependent
Maldives Presidential Election 2023 – All Candidates and their Parties

Maldives Election 2023 Result – FAQs

How many eligible voters were there in the Maldives for the 2023 Presidential Election?

The Maldives had a total of 282,395 eligible voters, spread across 188 islands within the country and in five countries abroad.

Did any candidate receive more than 50% of the votes in the first round of the election?

No, none of the candidates received more than 50% of the votes in the first round of the election, leading to a runoff between the top two candidates.

Who were the main candidates in the Maldives Presidential Election?

The main candidates in the election included Dr. Muizzu, President “Ibu” Solih, Ilyas Labeeb, Umar Naseer, Gasim Ibrahim, Faris Maumoon, Mohamed Nazim, and Hassan Zameel.

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