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AI Odisha For Ai Portal 2023 – Welcome to the AI Odisha For AI Portal, where the state’s vision meets the boundless potential of artificial intelligence. In 2023, we journey through this digital gateway, illuminating the path to knowledge, innovation, and a brighter future for every Odisha resident. This digital platform, crafted through the collaborative efforts of the Odisha government and Intel Technologies India, is set to redefine the educational landscape of the state.

At the helm of this pioneering initiative is Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, whose vision for a technologically empowered Odisha is now a palpable reality. The AI Odisha For AI Portal represents more than just a website; it embodies a profound commitment to democratizing artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge. It opens the doors of opportunity wide for every Odisha resident, fostering a culture of digital literacy and empowerment.

In this blog, we embark on a journey of discovery, delving into the intricate facets of the AI Odisha For AI Portal. We’ll explore its core objectives, its diverse offerings, and the myriad ways in which it aims to equip the state’s residents with the transformative skills and insights that AI has to offer. Together, we’ll unveil how this digital initiative is not just an educational portal but a visionary catalyst for Odisha’s digital future.

Ai Odisha For AI Portal

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In a groundbreaking partnership with Intel Technologies India, the Odisha government has propelled itself into the future by introducing the Odisha for AI Portal @ai.odisha.gov.in. The visionary Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, unveiled this revolutionary portal at a momentous gathering in Bhubaneswar. Initially rolling out in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, and Puri, this ambitious initiative aims to enlighten the masses about artificial intelligence (AI) and empower them to harness its myriad benefits. Dive into this comprehensive guide to discover all there is to know about the Odisha For AI Portal.

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Ai Odisha For AI Portal – Highlights

Portal NameAi Odisha For AI Portal
Initiated byCM Naveen Patnaik
TopicOdisha Yojana
Initial Phase Implementation inBhubaneswar, Cuttack & Puri
BeneficiaryResidents of the State
CategoryState Government Scheme
ObjectiveTo raise awareness of artificial intelligence among state residents
Application ProcessOnline
Official Website@ai.odisha.gov.in

Odisha for AI Portal: A Glimpse into the Future

With a visionary zeal, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik set the stage for a digital revolution by introducing the AI portal. Odisha for AI is a self-learning online program meticulously crafted to augment public knowledge of artificial intelligence. This portal welcomes anyone with an interest in the vast realm of AI, fostering a culture of digital literacy. Chief Minister Patnaik, in his inspirational address, urged everyone to embrace AI technology as a key to unlocking the boundless potential of the youth. By focusing on AI, Odisha aims to cultivate an ecosystem that fosters research, innovation, and application across various economic sectors.

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The Two Facets of Odisha for AI Portal

The Odisha for AI Portal comprises two vital components: AI Aware and AI Appreciate.

AI Aware: This segment delves into the realm of human intelligence and meticulously defines artificial intelligence. AI Aware acts as the guiding light, dispelling common myths about AI and shedding light on the stark differences between AI and non-AI machines.

AI Appreciate: Here, we explore the multifaceted applications of artificial intelligence and their profound impact on various industries. The segment also delves deep into the ethics and guiding principles of responsible AI, setting the stage for a responsible and ethical AI adoption journey.

A Vision with a Purpose: The Objectives of Odisha for AI Portal

The primary objective of this groundbreaking portal is to enlighten and educate all residents of Odisha about artificial intelligence. It aspires to bridge the knowledge gap by making AI accessible to every citizen, ushering in a future where AI is an integral part of everyday life.

Features & Benefits of Ai Odisha for AI Portal

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and benefits that the Odisha for AI Portal brings to the table:-

  1. Accessible to All Odisha Residents: The Odisha government has launched this portal with the sole aim of benefiting its residents.
  2. Bilingual Support: The portal is user-friendly, offering content in both Oriya and English, ensuring that language is not a barrier to learning.
  3. Free Access: The services offered on the portal are completely free of cost, making knowledge accessible to all.
  4. Comprehensive AI Knowledge: By participating in the modules, you can gain an in-depth understanding of Artificial Intelligence, from basics to advanced concepts.
  5. Public Awareness: One of the primary goals of this webpage is to increase public awareness and ensure that AI knowledge reaches every corner of Odisha.
  6. 24/7 Accessibility: This portal is open round the clock, allowing users to explore and learn at their convenience.
  7. Customizable Interface: Tailor your learning experience by adjusting brightness levels, font spacing, line height, saturation, animations, and more through the Accessibility Menu.

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Eligibility Criteria for Ai Odisha for AI Portal

Before diving into the world of Odisha AI knowledge, there are some eligibility criteria to meet:-

  1. Citizenship: You must be a resident of Odisha to access the AI Portal.
  2. Registration: Access to the portal is granted only to registered users, ensuring a secure learning environment.
  3. Interest in AI: The AI Portal is open to any state resident with a curiosity or interest in artificial intelligence.

How to Register on Ai Odisha for AI Portal

Embarking on your AI education journey through the Odisha for AI Portal is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Visit the Ai Odisha For AI official Portal at @ai.odisha.gov.in.

In the Homepage Click on the “Register” button to begin your registration journey.

A registration form will appear on your screen, eager to capture your details. Fill in your name, mobile number, preferred language, gender, date of birth, address, postal code, and type of ID proof.

Don’t forget to upload all the required documents for verification.

Tick the box that proclaims, “I am not a robot,” and embrace the declaration.

Click on the “Send Verification Code” button, and an OTP (One-Time Password) will dance its way to your registered mobile number.

Enter the OTP for verification, and voilà! You’re officially registered on the Ai Odisha for AI Portal, ready to embark on your AI learning adventure Now.

How to Log on to Ai Odisha for AI Portal

Now that you’re a registered user, let’s learn how to log in and dive deeper into the world of artificial intelligence:-

Login to the official Portal at @ai.odisha.gov.in.

Enter your registered mobile number.

Embrace the declaration once more by ticking the “I am not a robot” box.

Click on the “Send Verification Code” button, and another OTP will make its way to your registered mobile number.

Enter the OTP for verification, and you’re now officially logged in to the Odisha AI Portal, ready to explore the wonders of AI.

Tailoring Your Learning Experience

Your AI journey is as unique as you are, and the Odisha for AI Portal understands that. Here’s how you can customize the portal to suit your needs:-

Start by visiting the official portal at @ai.odisha.gov.in.

On the homepage, look for the “Accessibility Menu” option and give it a click.

A new page will unveil itself, offering you customization options.

Modify features like Screen Reader, Contrast +, Highlight Links, Bigger Text, Text Spacing, Smart Contrast, Pause Animations, Dyslexia Friendly, Hide Images, and more to make your learning experience truly yours.

Embrace the Future with Odisha for AI Portal

The Odisha for AI Portal is not just a digital milestone; it’s a beacon of knowledge, offering every resident of Odisha a chance to embrace the transformative power of artificial intelligence. In a world that’s increasingly driven by technology, this portal serves as a testament to Odisha’s commitment to digital inclusion, knowledge dissemination, and the limitless potential of its youth. Join the AI revolution, embark on your journey today, and unlock a future full of possibilities with the Odisha for AI Portal.

Ai Odisha for AI Portal – Important Links

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Ai Odisha for AI Portal – FAQs

What is the AI Odisha For AI Portal?

The AI Odisha For AI Portal is a digital platform launched by the Odisha government in collaboration with Intel Technologies India. It is designed to provide education and awareness about artificial intelligence (AI) to the residents of Odisha.

Who can access the AI Odisha For AI Portal?

The portal is accessible to all residents of Odisha who have an interest in artificial intelligence. It is open to individuals from various age groups and backgrounds.

Is there a registration process to access the portal?

Yes, users need to register on the portal to access its content. Registration is free and ensures a secure learning environment.

What languages are supported on the AI Odisha For AI Portal?

The portal offers content in both Oriya and English, making it accessible to a wide audience.

What are the main objectives of the portal?

The primary objective of the AI Odisha For AI Portal is to raise awareness about artificial intelligence among the residents of Odisha. It aims to bridge the knowledge gap and empower individuals with AI-related skills.

Are the services on the portal free of cost?

Yes, all the services and resources offered on the portal are completely free of cost, ensuring that knowledge is accessible to everyone.

What are the key components of the AI Odisha For AI Portal?

The portal comprises two main components: “AI Aware” and “AI Appreciate.” “AI Aware” provides basic knowledge about AI, while “AI Appreciate” delves into the applications, ethics, and responsible use of AI.

Can I customize the portal’s interface to suit my preferences?

Yes, the portal offers customization options such as adjusting brightness levels, text spacing, and more through the Accessibility Menu to cater to individual needs.

How can I register on the AI Odisha For AI Portal?

To register, visit the official portal, fill out the registration form with the required details, upload the necessary documents, verify your mobile number, and complete the registration process.

Duration of Program Ai Odisha for AI

Only 4 Hours.

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