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YashoBhoomi Convention Centre | YashoBhoomi Convention Centre Opening Date & Seating Capacity | Modi Inauguration Yashobhoomi

YashoBhoomi Convention Centre – Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the first part of the India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC), called YashoBhoomi, in Dwarka on Sunday, September 17. The convention center covers over 73,000 square meters and has 15 rooms for meetings, including the main auditorium, grand ballroom, and 13 smaller meeting rooms. It can accommodate up to 11,000 delegates.

Yashobhoomi’s message is loud & clear: any event held here will be successful and famous. Bharat Mandapam and Yashobhoomi Center will make Delhi the largest hub for conference tourism. Both venues combine Indian culture with modern facilities, showcasing India’s story to the world.

YashoBhoomi Convention Centre – Overview

Centre NameYashoBhoomi Convention Centre
Centre TypeConvention and Expo Centre
LocationDwarka Sector 25, Delhi
Construction Completed15 September 2023
Opening Date17 September 2023
Floor Size300,000 square meters
OwnerGovernment of India
Project Value₹25,703 Crore
Source Image Credit: PIB Photo Gallary @Narendra Modi

Property FeaturesDetails
Total Project AreaOver 8.9 lakh square meters
Total Built-Up AreaMore than 1.8 lakh square meters
Project CostApproximately Rs. 5400 crore
Convention Centre AreaOver 73 thousand square meters
Exhibition Halls AreaOver 1.07 lakh square meters
MICE FacilitiesAmong the world’s largest Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) destinations
Convention Rooms15 convention rooms including Main Auditorium, Grand Ballroom, and 13 meeting rooms
Plenary Hall Seating CapacityAround 6,000 guests
Main Auditorium FeaturesInnovative automated seating system, wooden floors, acoustic wall panels
Grand Ballroom CapacityAround 2,500 guests
Grand Ballroom FeaturesUnique petal ceiling, extended open area for up to 500 people
Exhibition HallsSome of the largest in the world (1.07 lakh sqm) for exhibitions, trade fairs, and business events
Foyer Space FeaturesCopper ceiling with skylights, Media rooms, VVIP lounges, Cloak facilities, visitor information center
Design AestheticInspired by Indian culture, featuring terrazzo floors with Brass inlay, suspended metal cylinders
Sustainability FeaturesState-of-the-art wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, Platinum certification from IGBC
Security ProvisionsHigh-tech security measures for visitor safety
Parking FacilityUnderground parking for over 3,000 cars with 100+ electric charging points
Metro ConnectivityLinked to Delhi Airport Metro Express Line through ‘Yashobhoomi Dwarka Sector 25’ station
Metro Station SubwaysThree subways, including connections to Exhibition halls, convention center, and entry/exit areas

The Convention and Expo Centre in Yashobhoomi cost about Rs. 5400 crore to develop. It covers an area of over 8.9 lakh square meters, making it one of the largest MICE destinations in the world. The Convention Center in Yashobhoomi has the largest LED media facade in the country.

Video Credit: Narendra Modi – Yashobhoomi: India’s Pinnacle of Convention Excellence.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Unveils New “Yashobhoomi Dwarka Sector 25″ Station: Extending Airport Metro Express Line from Dwarka Sector 21”

On September 17, 2023, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi opened the extension of the Delhi Airport Metro Express line. The extension goes from Dwarka Sector 21 to a new metro station called Yashobhoomi Dwarka Sector 25. The new metro station has three subways: one that connects the station to the Exhibition halls, Convention center, and Central Arena, another that connects the entry-exit across Dwarka Expressway, and a third one that connects the metro station to the foyer of the future Exhibition halls of Yashobhoomi.

The Delhi Metro will also increase the speed of the metro trains on the Airport Express Line from 90 to 120 km/hr, which will make travel time shorter. The journey from New Delhi to Yashobhoomi Dwarka Sector 25 will take only about 21 minutes.

The Prime Minister’s Office posted on X:
“All smiles on the Delhi Metro! PM Narendra Modi interacted with people from various walks of life during his journey to Dwarka, to inaugurate Phase-1 of Yashobhoomi Convention Centre.”

YashoBhoomi Convention Centre – Inauguration

The station will start operating at 3 o’clock the day after it opens. The proposed metro station will have three underground lines. One of the lines will be 735 meters long and will connect the station to the convention center, central arena, and exposition halls. The second subway will connect to the entry and exit locations of the Dwarka Expressway. The third subway will connect the metro station to the planned exposition hall foyer of Yashobhoomi.

The center has great features and impressive infrastructure. The amenities include acoustic wall panels and oak floors. The main ballroom can accommodate over 2000 guests and has a unique petal ceiling and a large open floor with 500 seats.

YashoBhoomi Convention Centre – Significance

YashoBhoomi is a new convention center with excellent facilities for exhibits and conferences. It is the second center of its kind, following the Bharat Mandapam where the G20 Summit took place. Yasho Bhoomi has a large floor size of 300,000 square meters and can accommodate a large number of people.

The Bharat Mandapam is located in New Delhi and was inaugurated by Modi. This new convention center is expected to contribute to the economy in the future.

YashoBhoomi Convention Centre – FAQs

What makes Yashobhoomi Convention Centre stand out among other convention centers?

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre is distinctive for its grandeur, boasting one of the largest LED media facades in the country and a commitment to showcasing Indian culture in its design and aesthetics.

Can you tell us more about the innovative seating system in the Convention Centre’s auditorium?

The Convention Centre’s auditorium features an innovative automated seating system that can transform the floor into a flat surface or tiered seating, offering flexibility for different types of events and seating configurations.

How does Yashobhoomi Convention Centre contribute to sustainability?

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre is committed to sustainability with a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system, rainwater harvesting, and a Platinum certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

What is unique about the copper ceiling in the foyer space?

The foyer space at Yashobhoomi Convention Centre features a distinctive copper ceiling designed with skylights, creating a unique ambiance as it filters light through various openings.

Are there any special features for visitors interested in electric vehicles?

Yes, Yashobhoomi Convention Centre offers over 100 electric charging points in its underground car parking facility, catering to the needs of electric vehicle users.

How does Yashobhoomi Convention Centre integrate Indian culture into its design?

The Convention Centre’s design incorporates elements inspired by Indian culture, including terrazzo floors with Brass inlay, suspended sound-absorbent metal cylinders, and patterned walls that reflect Indian rangolis.

What is the significance of ‘Yashobhoomi’ as a name for the convention center?

‘Yashobhoomi’ signifies a place where success and fame are guaranteed for any event held there, aligning with the vision of creating a world-class venue for meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.

How does the Convention Centre cater to large-scale events?

With a plenary hall seating capacity of around 6,000 guests and a Grand Ballroom that can host up to 2,500 people, Yashobhoomi Convention Centre is well-equipped to handle large-scale events with style and efficiency.

Can visitors access the Convention Centre easily through public transportation?

Yes, Yashobhoomi Convention Centre is conveniently connected to the Delhi Airport Metro Express Line, ensuring easy access for both local and international visitors.

What sets Yashobhoomi Convention Centre apart in terms of security measures?

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre prioritizes visitor safety with high-tech security provisions, ensuring a secure environment for all events and activities.

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